I’m gonna say that most who know of me probably know me for the number of cars I’ve owned. Cars are just one of my many interests that started at a young age. As a kid I had a Lamborghini Countach poster on my wall. It hung until the paper couldn’t hold up any longer. Growing up I rode my bicycle everywhere and even built and sold some BMX bikes. Sports were a large part of my daily life – I was always outside playing football, basketball or soccer. When I got my license I drove my parent’s ’88 Bronco II until my dad gave me my first car, an ’85 Mustang GT. That’s when the inevitable happened. The mod bug bit me. Hard.

When I go for something I like to go all in. The mod bug’s chain reaction can be seen in everything I’ve done since. Since the age of 16, I’m now 28, I’ve owned more cars that most families do in a life time. I’ve modified them, raced, instructed and won competitions. My last being a 1st place finish at the Redline Time Attack Series at Summit Point, WV in 2008.

After receiving my driving license I started getting lazy as I rarely participated in physical activities any more. In 2004 I decided to make a change so I joined not one but two adult football leagues, indoor and outdoor. I had indoor league games on Friday nights, outdoor league practices Saturday morning and outdoor games on Sunday morning. As a glutton for punishment, I also joined a friend’s pick-up basketball group who plays on Tuesday nights and the occasional Wednesday night. Eventually the amount of physical activity took it’s toll and I gave up the outdoor football league, and a few years later, the indoor league. I’ve since picked up mountain biking and continue with a number of other hobbies, including photography, which has recently become more serious.

Last thing about me is that I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for. I have a great family – and a great new family – thanks to my beautiful wife, Lauren.


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