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A Skyline Beneath the Milky Way

Of course we’re talking about the Nissan Skyline. This R33 was snapped and edited by Andrew Thompson using a Nikon D800 on a camera rig to get the sharp detail at ISO 100, even with a SIX SECOND EXPOSURE. Be

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Illustrating in Gimp

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve sat down to draw. Pencil and paper? It’s 2011, who uses that medium any more? I would if I had any but decided to fire up Gimp instead. The forecasts of sever thunderstorms

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Getting head on the track

Sure, people drop a knee and scrape pucks all day long on their motorcycle. Not everyone drops helmet. Video after the break.

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Studio style without the studio

Yesterday evening John had mentioned he wanted to have a photo similar to a style he saw in a music video. We looked at several photos so I could have a better idea of what he wanted and we made

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First HDR attempt.

After owning my E92 for several months I finally gave it a wash. I happened to have my camera on me on the way home so I decided to stop and make the most of this nice day. The photo

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Video! Take 2

I didn’t make it up to Diablo on opening weekend due in part to attempt #1 of the jump in the video below. I ate dirt pretty hard, landing on my head and shoulder. I then decided I’d rather go

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Video! What is Mountain Biking?

What is Mountainbiking about? from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo. We all have our reasons to get out and ride. What’s yours?

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